Our outdoor event catering service is suitable for all tastes we can supply all or any individual unit for your event.

All of our hot food units will provide tables and chairs, sauces, litter bins at all events plus we give you copies of the units £10. Million Public Liability Insurance, gas pressure test certificate, electric and ADIPS certificates, hygiene certificate and risk assessment.

All of our outdoor catering units will be run by our professionally trained staff and come complete with support unit including freezers and power unit.

So there will be no long queues and no restless hungry children! The uniformed staff will politely serve and make sure they are fully prepared for peak time rush.

From Sweets, to Meats – Wall’s Fun Fair Rides 4 Hire have got all your culinary needs covered!

Fish and Chips Outdoor Catering


This food stall provides Fish/chicken/sausage and more. Vegetarian options are available. Cold drinks are available – stall comes complete with servers.

Size : 32ft x 10ft space needed for a support unit of the same size.


Providing various freshly made hot drinks and donuts, it comes complete with servers


Space for a support vehicle will be required

We can provide a variety of outdoor catering options for your event, including:

  • Hot dogs
  • Burger & chips
  • Cavery with roast meat, mash potato and gravy in a large Yorkshire pudding
  • Fish and chips
  • Chinese noodles
  • Hog roast
  • Donuts
  • Candy floss and novelty sweets
  • Posh coffee/muffins/cookies bar
  • Crêpe’s
  • Roasted chesnuts, toasted marshmallows and hot sweet peanuts
  • Ice cream
  • Slush bar

Please contact us to find out more about how to hire our outdoor catering units for your party or event